Skimmer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a credit card skimmer?
A: A credit card skimmer is an illegal card reader device attached to an ATM or a payment terminal on a fuel pump?

Q: What is the purpose of the training?
A: This training is to educate the public, business owners, and law enforcement on credit card skimming to help prevent and combat the ongoing issue.

Q: What do I do if I locate a credit card skimmer on a fuel pump?
A: Contact local law enforcement and protect the pump from being used or tampered with until law enforcement arrives.

Q: Is credit card skimming a local problem?
A: Credit card skimming is a nationwide epidemic, which law enforcement continues to battle every day.

Q: How can I prevent my business or my customers from being victims of credit card skimming?
A: Train your employees to check the fuel pumps every day before and after every shift. Train employees to watch for suspicious vehicles at the fuel pumps for extended time periods, and meet with your fuel pump technicians on a regular basis.

Q: How can I prevent being a victim of the credit card skimming scheme?
A: Check the fuel pump prior to use for tampering, contact your bank for possible areas that credit card skimmers are heavily used, and go to the public outreach events in your area about skimming.

Q: Why educate yourself and/or employees about local trends of credit card skimming in your area, state, and surrounding states?
A: Credit card skimming is an evolving crime. Credit card skimming devices at fuel pumps and criminal schemes change because of law enforcement’s and the public’s knowledge of the devices and schemes used.

Q: What else do I get from the training?
A: The community and law enforcement interaction, which helps build a strong front against all crime.

Q: What do I need to bring to the training?
A: Note-taking material is encouraged. (Pen, paper, tablet, or computer for taking notes.)

Q: How much does this cost?
A: Zero!